You just can’t go wrong with subway tile in this room!

Clean, crisp, & orderly translates into serene, peaceful & tranquil~(in my design book) & for the bathroom any way!  Here is a showcase of six ways to utilize white subway tile for the bathroom, & not just “confined” to the bath or shower enclosure! The light fixtures, flooring choices & patterns, and decorative accents give personality to these lovely white subway tile bathroom spaces…..ahhh, I can just feel the relaxation emanating from these rooms…..enjoy!

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New Year….now what?

It’s Janurary 6th and I have not taken down the Christmas decorations; like as in a fully decorated, beautifully lit, ornamented tree is still standing in our living room, taking center stage for all to see (and wonder what it is still doing there at this “late date”).  I just can’t seem to get motivated to take it down; maybe it has to do with the fact that our twin sons are home visiting for their winter break from college and I know they have to leave to go back in a few days, maybe I am extra tired after 2 weeks of hosting lots and lots of company, whatever the case, I realized something this morning as I turned on the switch to light up the garland that winds through our staircase railings~I am still enjoying the decorations and all of the charm and memory that they hold, so guess what? I am going to start off this New Year by just enjoying the moment, by reflecting on the beauty of this season (yes, even well into the first week of January) and by not worrying about the “deadline” or pressure of putting all of the decorations away (now if they are still up come Valentine’s Day we might have a bit of a problem here lol).  As far as decorating tips for the New Year…..they are going to have to wait; I am “too busy” appreciating what is already here, because sometimes the best design tip is just that~enjoying what you already have.

Happy New Year all!

Sucker for succulents…

I am a self professed sucker for succulents; which might have something to do with the fact that they are such a low maintenance option~taking care of three kids, a dog and a husband is enough for me thank you very much! Here are some gorgeous succulent centerpiece options that are sure to delight! ImageImageImageImageImage







Here are some fantastic Easter egg DIY decorating ideas that are sure to please, and be tons of fun in the process! Everything from Indigo dyed, foil treated, washi taped, glittered, painted, woodburned, and even nail polished! Check out these great options for your Easter decorating projects!




Decorating with books, magazines & favorite things!

One of my absolute favorite & incredibly simple decorating tips, is to group or stack books and/or magazines together on a coffee table, shelf, table, or desk, using them as a sort of decorative “platform” for a potted plant, a vase with fresh flowers, a candle, or a favorite decorative & meaningful piece (think framed family picture, piece of pottery, etc..) and voila! you have an instant eye catching vignette, using common items already in your home! Check out these great options to get you started!